UK's leading BACS software provider for both small and large businesses

APT are a BACS approved Specialists for Credit & Direct Debits, providing automated payment and cloud-based banking solutions for businesses. Our expertise lies in BACSTEL-iP solutions, enhanced security packages and bank sort code checking services.

40 million

transactions processed annually

Over 800

active service users

£32 billion

transfered annually



APT offers a range of products to enable organisations to improve their efficiency and save costs by eliminating some of the time consuming and manual processes in their daily administration.


BACSTEL-iP compliant system suitable for a host of applications and environments.


APT can provide independent Contingency Cover for customers who are transmitting files to BACS, regardless of which BACSTEL-iP software they are using.

Bureau Service

Our Bureau Service can transmit various types of transactions to BACS on your behalf such as Direct Debits and Payroll.

APT File Uploader

Encrypts and uploads files from the client server to APT’s server. APT can define a file path on the BACS software, meaning files are picked up automatically, without the need to browse to a file, minimizing user error.


Online service which allows the instant checking of bank account details. Used as a stand alone piece of software, or can be integrated into your current system. Authorised and accredited as part of the Pay.Uk Sort Code Validation Accreditation Scheme.


Encrypts plain text BACS files from payroll/financial systems within your network locations, thereby ensuring they cannot be viewed or fraudulently edited.


Our Two Factor Authentication service, enables a further step to log into the BACS software, by requiring a key generated through our SafeCode mobile applications, or windows installed product.

International Payments

We are excited to be offering international payments in partnership with EarthportFX.


iConnect is APT’s web based BACSTEL-iP compliant software package suitable for all applications and environments.

iConnect is an easy to use, secure, feature-rich software package, allowing fast transmission of BACS payments and collections from any laptop/PC.

Our software package is fully HMRC/RTI compatible. iConnect has been fully tested and approved by BACS, meeting its strict operational and security standards.

iConnect is available in different versions to suit your requirements:

Standard Software

Our standard bacs software, allows direct submitters to submit credits/direct debits to bacs using their Service User Number.

Bureau Software

A comprehensive system which allows bureau's to transmit multiple files, with individual Service User numbers, under their Bureau's User number.


APT is an accredited BACS Bureau and has been established since 1981. Our Bureau Service offers an easy and effective way to make regular or ad hoc payments, such as supplier payments and Payroll and to collect Direct Debits.

In addition to providing a BACS accredited Bureau Service, APT is also a BACS Approved Software Supplier for BACSTEL-IP. The Bureau naturally uses our own approved software for its operation, making us proficient in all technical and administrative aspects of the BACS service.

Reap the benefits of automated payments and collections without having to purchase and administer BACS transmission software.


We are excited to be offering international payments in partnership with EarthportFX.

EarthportFX provides a simpler and more cost-efficient way for businesses and individuals to manage payments internationally with offering competitive exchange rates and an expert service.

EarthportFX offer a tailored solution to suit your business needs.


Lock in the current rate for settlement within two working days or lock in your desired rate today for settlement on a pre-determined future date

Local payment network

Our service gives you direct access to local banks where your payments need to be sent. Removing the complexities, hidden fees and lack of visibility experienced in today’s traditional cross-border payments.

Market orders

Tell us your target rate and we’ll trade automatically when it’s hit.

Incoming payments

Receive payments in multiple currencies directly from your customers via Card or bank transfer.




If you are blocked from accessing the software, you will need to ask one of your software administrators to unlock you. They can do this by logging in and resetting your user details.

We endeavour to call back any support call lodged within an hour. Out of office emergency support, will be answered as soon as possible. Please ensure you leave a voicemail, if you cannot get through to the help desk.

In the case that all your software administrators are not available to reset your account, APT can do this for you, which will then allow you to reset your password as normal.

If you're a direct submitter (i.e. have a direct service user number), APT can send the file on your behalf up until 21:00 Monday - Friday through our bureau. This service is covered in your annual maintenance by your contingency cover. To be able to use this service, your SUN must be linked to our Bureau Number (B41022).

The operating hours for BACS are 07:00 – 22:30 Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. APT would always advise that any files are sent through our software by 21:00, to avoid missing the 22:30 deadline, should support be required.

As BACS does not operate on weekends or bank holidays, you will not be able to choose these dates as processing dates. Please see BACS Processing Calendar for 2019 here.


Our online support has proved to be a valuable tool in dealing with customers’ problems. It allows us secure access to our customers’ PC, enabling us to provide instant remote support.


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APT's office hours are Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm.
Out of hours emergency support available Monday - Friday 5pm - 10pm.

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